Opening Words

I started this blog today.   Not sure yet where I’ll go with it.


8 thoughts on “Opening Words

  1. Hello, I read your comment on heartiste concerning the neanderthal debate.
    There is a high-iq online community focusing on neanderthals, modes of high intelligence and related topics.

    The basic idea is that phenomena such as high giftedness, creative genius, savantism and aspergers are the result of neanderthal (and denisovan) gene expression. Normality is thus merely lack of active non-sapiens genes.

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    1. I looked at the links you provided briefly last night, have been reading the stuff on the altrugenics forum in more depth tonight, will continue to do so over the coming days. Interesting thoughts presented there. I have to get my bearings there. My desktop is kaput and it’s torture on my eyes to do all this on my phone, so as soon as I can get to a computer at my local public library I’ll give you a full reply; in the meantime, thanks for bringing all this to my attention!


    1. Nicely-designed blog! I support what you are trying to do with it. I also understand how careful you have to be about what you say in public in the UK, which is a damned shame considering that your nation was the champion of liberty and passed that tradition on to us here in the U.S. May Albion’s seed never die or be enslaved!

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      1. Many Thanks

        Its going to be a long hard fight. Its my intention to direct traffic to blogs like yours and CH, if I ever get any. I plan to post articles from some friends in the law business regarding the legal aspects of the movement, and other firearm owners and users. I have friends and allies in the police and military and I am working quietly to bring them onboard. I wish you well with your efforts.

        Yours aye.

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  2. Thanks! I started my blog a few months ago because I wanted to post a comment onto Chateau Heartiste, but I could only do that if I had a blog of my own first; therefore, what you see here.
    As you can see, I haven’t done much with it yet. I have plenty to say, but nothing that hasn’t already been said very well, many times by many others. It’s not easy to be original, and I hate to be a mere copy-cat. Also I no longer have a functioning computer so I would have to grab some time on one of the computers at our local public library, or else try to do it with my Android phone, if I want to work on my blog. So far I either haven’t had the free time for this, or I’ve just been too tired after coming home from work. BTW, do you see that annoying dot with the green ‘and-white pattern that is obscuring the middle of the photo that I placed in the header at the top of the page? How do I get rid of that?!

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